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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Garden Expansion

At Radish Stew, we are not the type to just add soil and plant in a new row. We are dedicated (because it does take dedication) to having the best garden we can. Pictured above is Phase 1 of creating a new row. We are digging out the caliche, a shelf of hardened calcium deposits. The caliche is not hard as rocks, and can be broken up with some effort. It is then removed to another area as fill or to improve the drainage situation. 

For Phase 2, we have added back the soil with amendments. We have mixed in manure compost here. 

Phase 3 consists of purchasing garden topsoil and mixing in our own compost, leveling the row, and planting. Here, we have transplanted tiny Red Sails lettuce. A lot of work and sweat goes into the creation of new rows in the garden. Maybe it is too much work, but we think it is worth the pain.


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