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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out of the fryin' pan

Sunday, September 4, we were excited about the approaching break in the weather. The wind was out of the north! After the hottest 3 months on record, we needed some cool. The temperatures topped out about 90 all week, which is cool for us, but what a price! Fires surrounded us! Fueled by the strong winds, they burned out of control for days.

Only 4 miles to the east by the flight of the mockingbird, 23 homes were destroyed by fire. About 22 miles to the west, 67 structures were burnt. And 50 miles to the east, in Bastrop, almost 1,400 homes were lost to the blazes which destroyed 36,000 acres of beautiful Lost Pines forest. 

Next week, the temperatures will again climb to 100. Still no rain is predicted. But things will not be back to normal.


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