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Monday, October 5, 2009


The biggest success of the fall garden appears to be the butternut squash. As shown in this picture, the plants are growing rapidly in all directions. There are squashes 10" long. A large number of the small squashes is rotting on the vine, though.

Cucumbers are about ready to pick. There are only 4 plants with about 20 cucumbers. The plants are struggling, however. I will pick the first beans tomorrow. I have picked a hatful of peppers this week and have about a basketful to pick soon. Tomatoes are blooming and appear healthy.

The winter garden is mostly planted. this week, I planted the rest of the broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower seeds. I planted a wide row with collards and carrots. These seeds are sprouting with the help of .35" light rain received in the last two days. I planted the new deeply dug  row with beets. I also planted a few of the 2 year old Swiss chard seeds. I prefer that type to the new kind that I have planted. The old ones are heirloom white rib chards with a thick strong stalk. The new ones are multi-colored chards with thin delicate stalks.

I also thinned the lettuce row by transplanting some small plants into another row. I still need to find room for more lettuces. They had a high percentage of germination, which is good, because I left the packet of seeds in  the pocket of my work shirt which went directly into the washing machine.


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