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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Live Oak Trees in Spring

Welcome to Spring in Texas! One of the favorite sights of spring is the fall looking trees!  The Live Oak leaves are turning yellow, orange, and brown. They are falling! People are raking these leaves! I heard one homeowner say that he had just finished raking the Pecan tree leaves from fall and now he has to rake the Live Oak leaves. These trees then flower and make new leaves. Sometimes, we have many  irritating worms hanging from the flowering trees. I have not seen one worm yet this spring, but I am waiting.

We have received another 1.4" rain this week. Today has been drizzly with a chance of rain tonight. The bluebonnets in my yard are starting to bloom. When I get the Live Oak leaves raked away (into the compost area) I will post a picture.


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