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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Violets and Silver Rib Chard

This cluster of violets in the butterfly garden has a great bunch of flowers! I gave them a bit of fertilizer last week. The weather has been warm in the afternoons, about 70 degrees, and sunny.

I have planted all of the rest of the onion bulbs. The last bunch, Yellow Granex, went into the last row in the garden, next to the compost piles. I transplanted the 4 Silver Stem Swiss chard into this row. I planted the Rainbow Swiss chard late in the summer and was very disappointed with these chards compared to the Silver Stem ones I was used to. I planted some 2 year old seeds in the fall, which germinated at a ratio of about 50%. I then transplanted these seedlings into the lettuce bed where they grew well. they made it through the really cold weather, so now they have their own row. I predict many meals from these 4 plants. The seeds are "Heirloom Chard Italian Silver Rib" from Renee's Garden packed for 2007. I have high hopes!


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