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Monday, February 15, 2010


I am happy to report that this cauliflower has grown considerably even since this picture was taken a few days ago. We have been blessed with more rain this week; almost 1.4"! The temperature is generally cold and the sky has been gray! I have spent very little time in the garden. However, I have enjoyed some really good food from the garden.

From freshly picked produce we have been eating lettuce, carrots, and collards.

From frozen parsley, we made wonderful Parsley and Onion Quiche.

With canned chile sauce, we made soup and an inspired Baked Eggplant dish.

With pickled Tomatillo Relish, corn tortillas, cream cheese, & cheddar cheese, we made our favorite Tomatillo Relish Quesadillas.

With the addition of peach preserves, we had a wonderful Banana Split yesterday!


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