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Friday, July 23, 2010

Transition to Summer Garden

One of the garden tasks which is most difficult for me is to pull plants which need to go. It was easy to remove the squash plants. I knew when it was time to pull the cucumbers. Now I am in the process of pulling the tomato plants. The celebrity tomatoes have all been harvested. The plants keep setting new tomatoes. But these plants are over 8' tall! So, adios, get those spring plants out of the garden.

This season I have planned ahead and planted new tomato plants for a fall harvest. They are just starting to bloom. The summer garden is starting to yield eggplants and okra. Soon, there will be tomatillos. There are a few melons and more watermelons.

The butternut squash pictured was from a volunteer plant which was the last spring squash to go. Squash will also be a part of the fall garden. I have already planted cucumbers and some yellow squash. The butternut squash will be planted in the next few weeks.


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