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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Tomato

The first tomato was picked June 7 and a record 4 lbs of green beans were harvested.

Since then:
I have blanched and frozen 3 quart size bags of beans with about 1 lb of small whole beans in each.
I made a salad with potatoes, green beans (diagonal cut), sliced cucumbers, red onions, fresh basil (also the first of the season)
I have blanched and frozen 2 quart size bags of squash.
I made squash casserole with saltine crackers. (Again! I think I have the recipe down now.)
I canned 6 pints of Bread and  Butter pickles. I won't post a picture because by now, you get the idea!

In the garden:
Pulled the last of the older row of squash plants.
Turned the compost
Harvested the garlic (pictured on the summer Radish Stew picture)
Turned and treated the garlics row and planted 6 tomato plants: Burpee Best Boy.  I planned these to be my "fall tomatoes" to be planted in July and produce in the fall, but I got crazy and planted them now because I felt they were outgrowing their little pots.
Removed the giant sunflower and yaopon from the bluebonnet spot.
I spread some of the bluebonnet seeds beyond the watermelon patch
Fertilized and deep-watered (I will explain this in detail another day)

I hope we get some rain so I can rest!


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