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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garden Update

We received 2 1/2" rain this Friday and Saturday so I have time to write. I am listing what is in the garden today. I numbered and measured the rows, moving clockwise and starting with the row closest to the garden gate.

1. (6' x 2 is a double row)    Three Celebrity Hybrid Tomatoes from Park Seed surrounded by Southern Belle Red onions.
2. 7'       This row is empty because I just pulled all the spinach yesterday. I have some pepper seedlings to        go in there when the ground dries out enough to turn and treat the row and plant.
3. 8'       Garlic
4. 9'        Green Beans (This is the famous under productive row)
5. 11'      Cucumbers with onions moved from row #4
6. 11'      Windy Wood Green Okra from Seeds of Change (Just getting their first leaves)
On the fence: Mexican mint marigold and Mustang Grapes
7. 12'      Seven Celebrity Hybrid Tomatoes (from Park Seed) surrounded by Yellow 1015 onions
8. 4' x 2  Old chives bed. There is no monster; it just has those blooming leeks right now.
9. 11'      Three Early Jalapeño peppers surrounded by Southern Belle Red onions.
10. 8'      Yellow Squash pictured above; Horn of Plenty from Park Seed
11. 10'     Green Beans
12. 4' x 2 Cantaloupe, Hales Best Melon from Park Seed
13. 11'     Green Beans (Burpee Tenderhook bush Beans) and more Hales Best
14. 13'     3 Roma Tomatoes Viva Italia Hybrid from Park Seed, 6 Black Beauty Eggplant from Park Seed pictured above
15. 13'     Shallots surrounded by onions planted from seed
16. 13' x 2  Louisiana Green Velvet Okra from Seeds of Change (just planted 2 days ago)
17. 10 x 2  Seven Roma tomatoes
18. 8'       Cucumbers 
19. 7'       Three Swiss Chard, ItalianSilver Rib from Renee's Garden, surrounded by yellow onions
20. 7'       Five jalapeños (Early Jalapeño from Park Seed) surrounded by Yellow Granex onions
21. 9'       Tomatillo Verde and Small Sugar Pumpkin both from Seeds of Change
22. 10'     Romas
23. 11'     Yellow Squash  (Horn of Plenty Hybrid from Park Seed)
24. 4' x 2 Watermelon Moon and Stars from Botanical Interests
25. 9'       New Garlic Chives Bed
In pots: Mint, Sage, Oregano, Thyme, Burnet
In the ground: Rosemary
Volunteers: Cilantro which is now coriander, Basil is just coming up

This adds up to 267 linear foot of garden space!


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