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Friday, May 14, 2010


Several days ago, when I went to the garden, I noticed an odd odor. It seemed to me to  be musty, like old flowers that are past their prime. I looked around and then went on with my work. The day was very windy. The fragrance could be coming from anywhere. It was two days later when the wind stopped that I was able to find the source of the musty flowers, the grapes! This grapevine grows on the garden fence. It is a native Mustang Grape and was quite well established before I came to care for this patch of earth. The whole yard was covered with ligustrums, chinaberry trees, poison ivy, and other unmentionables. As I cleared these away, I found several grapevines, with this by far the largest. It happens to be on the property line, so when the fence went up, so did the grapevine. Last year I built up the ground at the base of the vine so I can water it. This year, it is blooming like crazy. I have a much different impression of this delightful wine scented fragrance.


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