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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Loads of Lettuce

We are eating salads every meal these days. We have so much beautiful lettuce. Pictured above is a bed of Romaine bordered by Radishes.

I have transplanted lettuce around several of the tomato rows. The lettuce will be gone before the tomatoes are so large that they need all of their space.

This bed of mixed varieties includes some spinach. The Red Sails Lettuce by Botanical Interests has outgrown all of the others. The plant on the right of the bed is a native sunflower. 

The Red Sails lettuce is joined in this row by one stray carrot, one blooming cilantro otherwise known as coriander, and some Romaine and Swiss Chard which survived the winter! At the end of the row is a big pot of mint. To the left of the row is a row of garlic!


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