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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harvesting Fall Garden

The harvest of the fall garden continues, pushed by the need for space for the winter garden. The peppers have not yet been pulled, because they continue to bloom and produce. The whole peppers pictured were cooked into a pot of vegetable stew. In the container is a mixture of chopped Cayenne and Chili Petin peppers. So picante! If a person likes really hot picante sauce, he can add some of this to any type to really heat up the salsa.

I pulled two "big leaf" basil plants, pulled off the good leaves, and chopped them in the Cuisinart. This bunch produced 2 cups of chopped basil. The butternut squash adds up to over 14 pounds! I have never successfully grown this crop, and am hesitant to harvest because if they are not mature they will have to be refrigerated or processed by cooking and freezing. They are delicious, very much like pumpkin.


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